Kelly Richardson

Boxing head coach (PRO & Amateur) Coach Kelly Richardson

Thought out my boxing career, I’ve made multiple champions on the amateur level also on the professional levels. 

As a head coach I’ve won multiple championships on the amateur level, such championships as, the New York golden glove and silver glove tournaments, the New York metro tournaments, the junior Olympics, lake placid open class gold medal, lake placid junior Olympics, New York vs new jersey championship tournaments, national championship tournaments, New York vs buffalo championship and I also won the coach of the tournament team trophy, and that’s just a few of my accomplishments.

On the professional level I’ve made champions such as, The New York state champion, Ibo world champion, wba female world champion.

I’ve also work with the legendary Bernard Hopkins and five-time world champion Cory Spinks.

On a side note, I’ve also made a champion in Muay Thai on a professional level. 

As a head trainer I have achieved a winning record of 95% wins, in the amateurs ranks as well as the professional rankings.




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