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A letter from GYMU Boxing’s Founder, Coach Kelly Rich:


Hi, My name is Kelly Richardson. I grew up in the Roosevelt housing projects on DeKalb Avenue and Lewis Avenue in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York. It’s truly one of the toughest parts of Brooklyn. As a young man I did well in school by achieving around a 95 average. However, by the age of thirteen my father, Mr. Richardson Sr., moved out and that drastically impacting me and my schoolwork. My grades dropped to a 70 average. I was still able to finish school. Through my early years as a teen, I showed excellence in sports such as boxing, football, basketball, and running. However, for some reason I felt that boxing changed my life more than anything else. Since I had no strong male role models, that had the same interests as i did. I wasn’t really motivated and did not fully apply myself to the things that came easy to me such as sports and education.

It was rough for me to stay focus, mainly because I went through so much in my life. I lost my older brother on February of 1995 to a long fight with AIDS and he was buried on Valentine’s Day. That very same year I lost my younger brother to street violence. He died the day after the million-man march. I then lost my mother in 1998 to a long three-year fight with breast cancer. That same week of august 1998, I lost my father to cancer as well. It was rough but through me sharing my testimony, it brings my relief. I also use it to inspire people that they can make it to, especially if I can.

“Pain is temporary love is forever”. I always had strong leadership qualities. I also had a strong influence on kids, young adults and adults to help them finish school, follow their dreams, and put a hundred percent in whatever they do.

So I have created this boxing program with the purpose to inspiring other people, kids and adults alike. Not only do kids and adults learn how to box, but they also keep a healthy lifestyle by exercising and dieting properly and being respectful of oneself and the people who surround them, but they also learn true values such as dedication and discipline.

Gymu Boxing help keeps kids and young adults off the streets and out of gangs, away from using and/or selling drugs. Our program helps people become more than just a statistic; we help them achieve success. Parents always thank me for helping their kids, and that’s a beautiful feeling.

Gymu Boxing keeps healthy relationships with people like Elena Makau, a well-respected attorney who takes care of all our legal business needs. Angel Lopez is a retired local detective and Gregory Green is a retired Sergeant, they help us achieve the success, that the Gymu Boxing program constantly inspire’s. They’re just a few people helping our program and we appreciate their help.

In closing, we would like to thank all the people that put their heart and souls into the GYMU Boxing program.
Thank you for your interest and support, it is greatly appreciated.

Kelly Richardson
GYMU Boxing

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